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AdSecrets Marketing Letter by Carl Galletti
by Carl Galletti
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AdSecrets Marketing Letter

This Marketing Letter (also called an Ezine) is FREE. It covers topics that relate to getting the best results from your business and is written by top Internet marketer, Carl Galletti.

Although many of the topics covered can be applied to just about any business, there is a high focus on businesses that have or should have an Internet web presence.

This marketing letter deals with "how-to" and "step-by-step" concepts that are designed to increase your business whether you are on the internet or not. Here is a list of just some of the things covered:

  • Copywriting - How to create the words that get people to buy your products or services.

  • Product Development - How to create products that will build a loyal customer base and send substantially increase your profits

  • Web Site Traffic - In depth information about all the many ways of getting traffic to your web site, including what you should avoid like the plaque and little known methods used by the insiders

  • Web Site Marketing - All you need to know to get people to your web site, have them enjoying the experience and buying your products or services and keep them coming back

  • Internet Marketing - How to use email marketing and other Internet tools and techniques to increase your sales and profits both on and off the Internet

This is a very special marketingletter. Not only is it sent to prospective and existing clients and customers, it is also sent to friends, family and colleagues.

I believe it is my duty to give you the best advice I can, whether or not you are paying for it. Indeed, this is a FREE Ezine, yet I write it as if you were paying $200.00 a year -- which is what I would be charging if it were printed and being sent through the mail. The information is the same -- plus you even get it faster. So, please appreciate it for the value it gives.

I have a substantial reputation in this area -- which I intend to live up to. The advice I give you is the best I have to offer. You can do your part by putting it to use as best you can and remaining true to its integrity.

All this means you get the VERY BEST (and most "candid") information on the subjects of Internet Marketing, Advertising, Marketing, Copywriting, Publishing, Writing, Computers and just about anything else that I feel is relevant and necessary to give you an advantage over your competition and make you successful.

Here is a list of articles you have to look forward to in future issues:

  • How To Get Hoards of People To Regularly Visit Your Web Site
  • How To Write The Words That Make People Buy
  • How The Robert Collier Letter Book Can Change Your Life for the Better
  • Little-Known Secrets That Will Multiply the Results of All Your Advertising
  • How To Triple the Sales From Your Web Site
  • Insider Techniques That Built a Web Site Into A Multi-Million Dollar Business
  • Where to Find the Most Valuable Information on Advertising
  • Who REALLY Knows How To Create Sales and How You Can Profit From It
  • Little-Known Writing Exercises That Will Magically Transform Your Writing Ability
  • And more...MUCH MORE!!!

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Marketing Letter

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